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This page describes how to build Zenoss Core from source. Currently this documents the internal-to-Zenoss build process but will be updated as we get this new method working with community builds. Currently, the build process performs checkouts during the build using subversion, so some additional plumbing changes are necessary for community builds.

Initial Build Setup

First, check out the source code. Internal employees will grab as follows:

$ svn trunk_core

Build Environment

Consult trunk_core/inst/INSTALL.txt for instructions on how to set up the initial build environment. You will need to create a zenoss user, set up $ZENHOME, etc.

Configure and Build

As the zenoss user, perform the following:

$ cd trunk_core
$ ./configure 
$ make -f

This will attempt to use an existing rrdtool on your system. If you do the following then the build process will build its own rrdtool instead of using the distribution-installed version:

$ ./configure --with-rrdtool=yes