Customizing Standard Monitoring Templates

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If you plan to modify standard or default Zenoss monitoring templates, you should be aware that Zenoss and ZenPack upgrades may overwrite your changes. So if you have a need to modify a standard monitoring templates, the following approach should be taken. This example uses the vSphere ZenPack as an example.

  1. Create a ZenPack such as ZenPacks.<yourname>.vSphereExtensions
  2. Specifically configure said ZenPack to depend on ZenPacks.zenoss.vSphere
  3. Create the threshold in one of the monitoring templates delivered by ZenPacks.zenoss.vSphere
  4. Add said monitoring template to the extension ZenPack
  5. Export the extension ZenPack
  6. Put the extension ZenPack in version control

Your must be aware and considerate that there's now an ordering dependency on installing the original and extension ZenPacks. Anytime the original ZenPack is installed, you must make sure that the extension ZenPack is subsequently installed. Circumstances where this will happen are..

  1. Zenoss upgrade (only if the original ZenPack is installed by default with Zenoss)
  2. Zenoss RPS application (only if the original ZenPack is contained in the RPS)
  3. Manually installation of original ZenPack