Interfaces Tip: Using zInterfaceMapIgnoreNames

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Recently I noticed that many of our monitored Windows machines have various interface types that are never actually used. These include (string patterns):

  • WAN.Miniport
  • isatap
  • Teredo.Tunneling
  • RAS.Async.Adapter
  • QoS.Packet.Scheduler
  • LightWeight.Filter

In some cases there's a main interface and also one of the above types that have exactly the same poll data. These interfaces are found during modeling and statistics are gathered for each of them every interval even though they are either totally unused or exactly mirroring another interface component.

As these interfaces accounted for thousands of RRD files, after we added these strings to our "zInterfaceMapIgnoreNames" the I/O rates on our collectors dropped a full 33%.