Linux Load Average Threshold

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If you are looking for a way to create a dynamic 'high load' threshold for Linux systems based on CPU count, this is how you can accomplish that goal.

I like to have an optional override by using a cProp or zProp, I really dislike making local templates. They are not scalable and you can easy loose track of them.

If you do not want an overwrite option, skip step 1 and 3.

  1. Create device level INT cProperty called cLoadAvg with the default value of 0.
  1. Open your default Linux template (Default: Devices/Server/Linux/Device)
  2. Edit your high load threshold (Default: high load)
  3. Change maximum value to (use *100 if using Snmp, remove if using SSH):
here.cLoadAvg*100 if here.cLoadAvg > 0 else here.hw.cpus.countObjects()*100
(Optional - Use if you are not using the cProp)


To override the new threshold, change your cProp to what you would like the Load Average threshold to be.