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Issue 1, July, 2013

Published on 2013/07/25

Welcome to the first Zenoss Newsletter! In this, what we aim to make a regular quarterly feature of the Zenoss open source community, we hope to give you insights into what we are working on at Zenoss, and how you can get involved. We will be releasing this newsletter quarterly, and we want you to participate. Got a cool Zenoss Core blog article, or a howto? Drop a line to Enjoy!

Hacking Event Notifications

Meet Foo. Foo is a rickety old CentOS 5 box running an Apache httpd server. That Apache server tends to crash, a lot, but given that Foo isn’t mission critical, Foo isn’t going to get time dedicated to it for several weeks to determine why Apache httpd keeps crashing. Now meet Dick, the on-call engineer who is starting to look like a zombie because of sleep deprivation. That can’t be good. Let’s try to get Dick some sleep, and prevent a zombie uprising. Maybe Zenoss can help!

Cisco Devices Interview

Recently, I sat down for an interview with Chet Luther. For those who don't know him, Chet Luther is a Principal Engineer at Zenoss, and has been with Zenoss for 6 years. He's the author of the Cisco Devices Commercial ZenPack, and in this article, we talk to him about this ZenPack and what it offers.

ZenPack Generator Interview

I chatted recently via Skype with Eric Edgar from our Solutions Department to discuss the new ZenPack Generator beta, and how it can save you time and tedium writing ZenPacks. Shane Scott also comments on his personal experiences with the ZPG beta.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a term being thrown around a lot nowadays, and it’s usually accompanied by a loud argument over the question of just what we mean when we use the term.