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Issue 2, October, 2013

Published on 2013/10/29

Welcome to the second Zenoss Newsletter! Herein we find five new articles, including an update on what's going on in the community. Like hydruid did this quarter, we want you to participate. Got a cool Zenoss Core blog article, or a howto? Drop a line to Enjoy!

How To Find That ZenPack You Never Knew You Always Wanted

Zenoss Core has over 350 ZenPacks, with more being uploaded all the time. This extensibility is one of many reasons why Zenoss Core is the best open-source monitoring tool out there.

The Server is Down but Google Where is the Server

The Google Maps Portlet (GMP) has been a part of Zenoss Core for over six years, and amazingly no other open-source monitoring tool offers anything like it.

Get Out of the Office Early and Drink More Beer With These new Community ZenPacks

This month we are showcasing three ZenPacks developed by Zenoss principal engineer Chet Luther and two more developed by Shane Scott, a Zenoss Master and global DC infrastructure Zenoss architect at Rackspace.

Event Transforms: More Than Meets the Eye

Transforms allow an event to be manipulated, to achieve a desired result. In layman's terms this means that if an event matches the criteria specified, the preset “manipulation” will be applied. The definition of a transform, directly from the Zenoss Core Administration PDF, “Transform - Takes Python code that will be executed on the event only if it matches this mapping.”

What Happened In the Community When You Weren't Looking

Greetings, Community members! With community manager Andrew Kirch’s help, I’ve compiled some of the latest news pertaining to our community...