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What Happened In the Community When You Weren't Looking

Greetings, Community members! With community manager Andrew Kirch’s help, I’ve compiled some of the latest news pertaining to our community...

Greetings, Community members! With community manager Andrew Kirch’s help, I’ve compiled some of the latest news pertaining to our community...

Ubuntu Build Script

Trey Hunsucker AKA hydruid has developed a build script for Ubuntu. Currently, he is writing in support for new source artifacts provided by Zenoss's engineering that should streamline this process. At this juncture, Trey is modifying a security script written by Zenoss principal engineer Chet Luther to run on Ubuntu. This adaptation will enable native installation of Zenoss Core on Ubuntu and eventually Debian.

Personally, I’m excited about this development because I have Ubuntu ready to go on a VirtualBox installation, and Ubuntu is way more Mac friendly than CentOS (you can’t cut and paste commands in the latter). For his work on this script, Trey was initiated into the ZCA. Not bad for a “simple family man with a passion for using FOSS!”

More Transform Examples

Dan Rich (drich), the recently elected president of LOPSA (League of Professional System Administrators), an auxiliary of the Justice League of America in case you didn’t know) has been busy writing transform scripts to help other sysadmins manipulate events. Not surprisingly, Dan is working closely with Zenoss Master Jane Curry (jcurry), arguably the world authority on Zenoss events.

ZenPack Generator

Jane has started using ZenPack Generator and has discovered numerous bugs. Generator creator and Zenoss solutions engineer Eric Edgar (eedgar) has fixed most of them as he continues to build out this tool, which can generate much of the ZenPack boilerplate code from a simple JSON file. You can find ZenPack generator over at GitHub.

It's a Feature Darn It!

In other bug-related news, a security researcher at SecureState contacted our community manager Andrew (trelane) claiming to have found a security vulnerability in the main build of Zenoss Core. Andrew worked with him on the issue, and although they ultimately proved it wasn’t a vulnerability, Andrew found a P2 bug in the user system. I likened it to Oceans Eleven, but Andrew said it was more of an Oceans Twelve sort of scenario. I haven’t seen the latter, I can’t comment on the veracity of his claim. (Andrew: it's sort of like a security vulnerability but really it was a waste of 2 hours) Andrew also discovered a P1 docs bug, so that day was time well spent! Andrew has an IT security background, and he says that any time he spends trying to break into Zenoss Core software “is time I very much enjoy.”

New Hire From the Community

Zenoss the company has once again poached community talent to enrich its service offerings. Ryan Matte (rmatte), a ZCA member, Zenoss Master, and creator of numerous ZenPacks like Cisco MIBs and Cisco Catalyst, has been hired as a Tier-2 support engineer. We will be well-served by his profound Zenoss expertise.

Getting to the Right Place to Get Help

Several Core Community members have requested help via Twitter. Andrew is “exceptionally long-winded (his words, not mine),” so Twitter is not the best channel in which to reach him or other Core experts. If you’re a new member of the Core Community, check out Getting Help on the Wiki home page to get an understanding of how best to obtain help on your Core installation. Then do yourself a favor and head over to the #zenoss IRC channel at As long as the sun is somewhere over the Western Hemisphere, you should be able to get help in a reasonable amount of time.

Working on a ZenPack or have some other cool Community news to share? Drop us a line, so that we can include it in the next newsletter! Cheers until then...