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Issue 3, January, 2014

Published on 2014/01/28

Welcome to the January 2014 Zenoss Community Newsletter! Herein we find four new articles, including an update on what's going on in the community, and an important HOWTO on using NAGIOS plugins. We want you to participate. Got a cool Zenoss Core blog article, or a howto? Drop a line to

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Nagios and the Shakedown

I Wrote a HOWTO for using Nagios plugins in Zenoss, and Nagios behaves very badly.

Zenoss Goes to School

In each newsletter we like to spotlight ZenPacks from the talented members of our community. This issue we’re expanding this feature to give some background on our featured ZenPack creator Andrew Crouthamel from Temple University AKA Crouthamela).

Writing a Command Data Source

At some point, you will most likely need to extend the abilities of Zenoss for some application or device. This guide will go over writing your own command data sources to extract additional information.

As The Community Turns

Updates on what happened in the community during the fourth quarter because we knew you were going to ask.