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Issue 6, October, 2014

Published on 2014/10/28

Welcome to the October 2014 Zenoss Community Newsletter! Herein we find five new articles. We want you to participate. Got a cool Zenoss Core blog article, or a HOWTO? Drop a line to

What's New at Zenoss in Q3 2014?

Here are some highlights from the Zenoss blog -- articles of special interest to the Zenoss Community, including articles about some of our new and recently updated open-source ZenPacks, and GalaxZ, our inaugural user conference.

Community Spotlight: Jane Curry and the Juniper Routers/Firewalls/Switches ZenPack

Juniper Networks logo.svg.png
The Juniper Routers/Firewalls/Switches Community ZenPack is authored and maintained by Jane Curry, Zenoss Master. This article provides additional information about the Juniper Routers/Firewalls/Switches Community ZenPack and how you can use this ZenPack to monitor your various Juniper devices.

Introducing Our Newest Zenoss Master!

Zenoss Masters.gif
Zenoss is very pleased to introduce you to our newest Zenoss Master.

Troubleshooting Zenoss PosKey Errors

This article provides some guidance around troubleshooting PosKey Errors. It includes information about how you can use Zenoss Knowledge Base (KB) articles to help resolve POSKey errors, as well as other errors you may encounter while working with Zenoss.

Raise Your Shields -- Use Ingress and Egress Filtering to Protect the Edge of Your Network

Raising shields.jpg
By utilizing BCP38 and a few other tricks, such as ingress and egress filtering, you can bring sanity to the data coming into, and out of, your network.

Ecosystem Spotlight: Event Enrichment HQ

The Event Enrichment Platform (EEP) helps Operations teams accelerate downtime resolution by eliminating noise and improving access to remediation information. With EEP, you can normalize events you care about into a common event format, and provides our users with easy ways to classify, suppress, and enrich their alerts.