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Issue 7, February, 2015

Published on 2015/02/13

Welcome to the February 2015 Zenoss Community Newsletter! Herein we find four new articles!

Bulbgraph.png Note: Did you know we have a convention coming up, called GalaxZ? Michio Kaku, the prominent professor and theoretical physicist, will be the keynote speaker. (You may have seen him on Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman) Learn more about Dr Kaku in our recent press release, and for more information on GalaxZ, please head over to the official GalaxZ website for more!

Bulbgraph.png Note: Zenoss will be at SCaLE 13 Andrew D Kirch the Zenoss Community Manager, and author of many of these articles is speaking at SCaLE at the LAX Hilton on Sunday February 22. He will be available throughout the show, and you will probably run into him sporting one of the new gray Zenoss Tshirts. Zenoss will also have a booth in the Exhibition Hall during the weekend.

We want you to participate! Got a cool Zenoss Core blog article, or a howto? Please reach out to the Zenoss Community Manager

Introducing Our Newest Zenoss Master!

Zenoss Masters.gif
Zenoss is very pleased to introduce you to our newest Zenoss Master.

Monitoring CloudStack with Zenoss

Apache CloudStack is open source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform. Find out how leveraging Zenoss allows you to monitor CloudStack with the Zenoss CloudStack ZenPack

Arduino and Zenoss

I’ve long been a proponent of the Arduino products, but have had a huge reservation. They’re a complete pain to monitor. How can you release a product that can take process data from dozens of analog, digital, serial, spi, and i2c data sources, and not monitor it? This reservation was solved about a year ago when Arduino released the Yun.

Migrating Zenoss to Cloudstack

Due to the increased interest in open source clouds, this article explains how to create and deploy Zenoss in a CloudStack 4.4.1 environment.