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Introducing Our Newest Zenoss Master!

Here at Zenoss, we are very pleased to introduce you to our newest Zenoss Master!
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What Is a Zenoss Master?

Zenoss Masters are crucial longstanding members of the Zenoss Community. They contribute to the success of Zenoss Core and the Zenoss open source ecosystem by authoring ZenPacks and other code and actively participating on the Community Forums and IRC. Additionally, Zenoss Masters frequently serve as lieutenants to the Community Manager and as Forum or IRC channel operators.

Zenoss Masters are chosen by the Zenoss Community Manager with significant input from the Zenoss Community, and especially based on input from existing Zenoss Masters. Qualifications to become a Zenoss Master include authoring ZenPacks or other code for the Community and actively participating on the Forums and on IRC.

And The Newest Zenoss Master Is…

Jan Garaj! Most recently Jan has spearheaded the Zenoss Core 5 Taster where, for a couple bucks you can try Zenoss 5 with the push of a button. He is also the author of the Zenoss 5 auto install script. Jan is very active on IRC and in the Forums, and he is a ninja with RRDtool:

About Jan

Jan has been working in Information Technology for 10 years and is currently working in the media sector. For example you can watch BBC 2’s Top Gear online thanks to him (editor’s note *grumble*), because Jan is responsible for online monitoring at the BBC. Jan's Zenoss career began at BBC about a year ago. Now he is busy with the Zenoss 5 deployment project there. His personal Zenoss 5 opinion: "It's a tank, which you need if you care about high performance."

Jan’s technical devel/operation skills has been brushed up in many different companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Volkswagen, GlaxoSmithKline, and of course the BBC. Jan would like to develop his tour guide career in his free time. But (un)fortunately he is spending more time on Github than travelling/guiding across Europe. His dream is to be Monitoring Guru, who will be working from some sunny warm beach.

Congratulations, Jan!

On its way to Jan is the coveted Zenoss Master’s jacket. One of our other Zenoss Masters, Eric Edgar, says that it is “just a jacket”, however, Eric himself is rarely separated from it, and has been wearing it every time I’ve ever seen him.

And the Next Zenoss Master Will Be…!

We announce a new Zenoss Master every quarter. If you are an existing Zenoss Community member or Zenoss Master, feel free to reach out and share your thoughts with me about who you think should be the next Zenoss Master!