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Zenpacks that get upgraded often need some sort of migration of configuration data from the older version to the new. This is achieved via migration scripts that are described in this doc.


- Zenoss ZenPack Developement - Python 2.7

We assume that you are familiar with ZenPack developement and Python coding. We further assume that we work from the base of ZP\_DIR. For NetBotz for example:

$ export ZP\_DIR\_TOP=$ZENHOME/ZenPacks/
$ export ZP\_DIR=$ZP\_DIR\_TOP/ZenPacks/training/NetBotz

Relative to this folder all migration scripts will reside in


Migration Outline

The Basic idea behind migration is as follows:

- Identify the old zenpack objects, bound to a device.

   > -   Find all device classess and devices where "Oracle" template
   >     is bound.
   > -   Look for : zDeviceTemplates that are overridden

- Extract the old information from those templates

   > -   Leave them bound, for continuity sake.
   > -   Enable our modeler plugin for device class or device (uses
   >     zCollectorPlugins)