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1/Cisco Devices Interview +Recently, I sat down for an interview with Chet Luther. For those who don't know him, Chet Luther is a Principal Engineer at Zenoss, and has been with Zenoss for 6 years. He's the author of the Cisco Devices Commercial ZenPack, and in this article, we talk to him about this ZenPack and what it offers.  +
1/Hacking Event Notifications +Meet Foo. Foo is a rickety old CentOS 5 box running an Apache httpd server. That Apache server tends to crash, a lot, but given that Foo isn’t mission critical, Foo isn’t going to get time dedicated to it for several weeks to determine why Apache httpd keeps crashing. Now meet Dick, the on-call engineer who is starting to look like a zombie because of sleep deprivation. That can’t be good. Let’s try to get Dick some sleep, and prevent a zombie uprising. Maybe Zenoss can help!  +
1/What is DevOps? +DevOps is a term being thrown around a lot nowadays, and it’s usually accompanied by a loud argument over the question of just what we mean when we use the term.  +
1/ZenPack Generator Interview +I chatted recently via Skype with Eric Edgar from our Solutions Department to discuss the new ZenPack Generator beta, and how it can save you time and tedium writing ZenPacks. Shane Scott also comments on his personal experiences with the ZPG beta.  +


2/Event Transforms More Than Meets The Eye +Transforms allow an event to be manipulated, to achieve a desired result. In layman's terms this means that if an event matches the criteria specified, the preset “manipulation” will be applied. The definition of a transform, directly from the Zenoss Core Administration PDF, “Transform - Takes Python code that will be executed on the event only if it matches this mapping.”  +
2/Get Out of the Office Early and Drink More Beer With These new Community ZenPacks +This month we are showcasing three ZenPacks developed by Zenoss principal engineer Chet Luther and two more developed by Shane Scott, a Zenoss Master and global DC infrastructure Zenoss architect at Rackspace.  +
2/How to find that ZenPack you never knew you always wanted +Zenoss Core has over 350 ZenPacks, with more being uploaded all the time. This extensibility is one of many reasons why Zenoss Core is the best open-source monitoring tool out there.  +
2/The Server is Down but Google Where is the Server +The Google Maps Portlet (GMP) has been a part of Zenoss Core for over six years, and amazingly no other open-source monitoring tool offers anything like it.  +
2/What Happened In the Community When You Weren't Looking +Greetings, Community members! With community manager Andrew Kirch’s help, I’ve compiled some of the latest news pertaining to our community...  +


3/As The Community Turns +Updates on what happened in the community during the fourth quarter because we knew you were going to ask.  +
3/Nagios and the Shakedown +I Wrote a HOWTO for using Nagios plugins in Zenoss, and Nagios behaves very badly.  +
3/Writing a Command Data Source +At some point, you will most likely need to extend the abilities of Zenoss for some application or device. This guide will go over writing your own command data sources to extract additional information.  +
3/Zenoss Goes to School +In each newsletter we like to spotlight ZenPacks from the talented members of our community. This issue we’re expanding this feature to give some background on our featured ZenPack creator Andrew Crouthamel from Temple University AKA Crouthamela).  +


4/How to Utilize the Fping ZenPack +Every network has a few devices with limited or no support for network management protocols (e.g. SNMP). This article will cover how to monitor and get statistics using the Fping ZenPack.  +
4/Monitor All The Apache Virtualhosts +Monitoring virtualhosts on the same IP in Apache isn't obvious, we'll show you how to do it right!  +
4/New Community Website +Late last year Zenoss launched a new community site This will replace our old site found at This leaves the community with three websites and I wanted to take the time to outline the future for each and how they are best used.  +


5/And Our Newest Zenmaster Is +Zenoss is pleased to announce the revival of our Zenoss Masters program, and also very pleased to introduce you to our newest Zenoss Master.  +
5/And Our Newest Zenmaster Is... +Zenoss is pleased to announce the revival or our Zenoss Masters program, and also very pleased to introduce you to our newest Zenoss Master.  +
5/Encrypt All the Bits +Here's how you can use NGINX to ensure your Zenoss instance complies with best practices, and ensure your communication with your Network Monitoring System is protected.  +
5/Encrypt All the Bits! +Set up Nginx as a Zenoss HTTPS Proxy, and monitor it!  +
5/Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes +You’ve finished the install script and you have a Zenoss installation that works… or do you? How do you prove it? How do you know it’s doing everything you ever wanted it to do?  +


7/Announcing Our Newest Zenoss Master +Zenoss is very pleased to introduce you to our newest Zenoss Master.  +
7/Arduino and Zenoss +I’ve long been a proponent of the Arduino products, but have had a huge reservation. They’re a complete pain to monitor. How can you release a product that can take process data from dozens of analog, digital, serial, spi, and i2c data sources, and not monitor it? This reservation was solved about a year ago when Arduino released the Yun.  +
7/Migrating Zenoss to CloudStack +Due to the increased interest in open source clouds, this article explains how to create and deploy Zenoss in a CloudStack 4.4.1 environment.  +
7/Monitoring CloudStack with Zenoss +Apache CloudStack is open source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform. Find out how leveraging Zenoss allows you to monitor CloudStack with the Zenoss CloudStack ZenPack  +
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