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A10 +This ZenPack supports A10 load balancers.  +
A10 +1.0.3 is the latest version for Zenoss 4 users  +
A10 +1.0.4 is only for Zenoss 3 environment. 1.0.3 is the latest version for Zenoss 4 users.  +
AIX +The AIX Monitor ZenPack enables Resource Manager to use Secure Shell (SSH) to monitor AIX hosts.  +
AIX SNMP +This SNMP AIX ZenPack models PCI cards, hard disks, logical volumes, physical volumes, filesystems, volume groups, print queues, CDROMs, printers, tape drives, software, CPUs, memory, paging spaces and LPAR information.  +
APC Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) +Updated for Zenoss 4.2  +
APC Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) +Provides support for APC Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) devices with component and performance information for power inputs.  +
APC Netbotz +This ZenPack adds a device class called '''/Devices/Datacenter/Netbotz''' and adds a template to that class called '''environment.'''  +
APC PDU Aggregate A/B Monitor +This ZenPack aggregates the total AMP load from two APC PDUs.  +
APC Power Distribution Units (PDU) +Provides support for APC PDU (Power Distribution Units) with component and performance information for Power Supplies, Outlets and Banks.  +
APC Power Distribution Units (PDU) +Updated for new github procedures  +
APC PowerNet/MasterSwitch AP9225 +This is for the APC PowerNet/MasterSwitch AP9225 model of PDU/PCU's  +
APC UPS +Updated for Zenoss 4.2  +
APC UPS +Provides support for APC UPS devices with component and performance information for batteries.  +
APC UPS +Updated for new github procedures  +
AWS RDS Monitoring +AWS RDS Monitoring  +
Adva FSP3000R7 +Added some components new to Adva R15.2  +
Adva FSP3000R7 +Adva Optical Networking FSP3000 optical transport  +
AdvaFSP150CC +Monitor Adva FSP150 optical transport equipment. It has only been tested against the FSP150CC GE-112 and FSP 150-GE114Pro. Other models may be detected but there are no performance monitoring templates for them. The zenpack is written so that other models will be detected and if a performance monitoring template with the same name as the model is created then it will be applied to the slot. The NetPort template assumes a Y.1731 test is running every 5 minutes.  +
AdvaFSP150CC +Use default of 'unknown' for hardware models  +
Advanced Device Details +This ZenPack is currently used by the HP ProLiant Monitor, Dell Monitor and ODBC Datasource (and many others) to display additional hardware details and could be used by other ZenPacks as well  +
Advanced Search +The AdvancedSearch ZenPack enables the advanced search facility in the user interface. This tool allows you to locate devices and other system objects, as well as events and services.  +
Allied Telesis Switch +This ZenPack provides a simple devicemap for modeling Allied Telesis Switches.  +
Alpha Technologies CXC Controller +Initial release  +
Alpha Technologies CXC Controller +Alpha Rectifier CXC controller  +
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