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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Summary" with value "Providing graphs for Brocade switches". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • ZenPack:OpenTSDB  + (Publish Zenoss RRD data to OpenTSDB)
  • ZenPack:Samba Support  + (Python interface to the Samba C library and executable targets used by other ZenPacks for Windows device monitoring.)
  • ZenPack:RPC Monitor  + (RPCMonitor monitors the availability of an ONC RPC server.)
  • ZenPack:Beep Script  + (Script designed to test multiple Zenoss instances from a client machine and create an audible 'beep' from the client PC based on matching event criteria.)
  • ZenPack:VMware ESX Filesystems  + (So you can get all the VMFS filesystems of the ESX server)
  • ZenPack:Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager  + (Stingray 9.4 hides the "discard" pool now. This release skips monitoring that pool)
  • ZenPack:Application Profiles  + (Substantial rewrite to use python 'sets' o
    Substantial rewrite to use python 'sets' over previous logic, as well as some change to overall structure and function...hopefully it's now simpler, easier to use, and more predictable. Import and Export scripts are now included, but I don't believe they'll work with previous versions.
    lieve they'll work with previous versions.)
  • ZenPack:Zentrospect  + (Support ignoring of metrics and more configurable monitoring of metrics.)
  • ZenPack:MIB Browser  + (Supports 3.1 directly. Can be made to work with 3.2 and 4.1 - see below.)
  • ZenPack:MIB Browser  + (Tested with Zenoss Core 5.1.5 Test Settings permits SNMP version specification Test Settings performs ZODB database lookup of SNMP parameters if community field blank.)
  • ZenPack:AIX  + (The AIX Monitor ZenPack enables Resource Manager to use Secure Shell (SSH) to monitor AIX hosts.)
  • ZenPack:Advanced Search  + (The AdvancedSearch ZenPack enables the advanced search facility in the user interface. This tool allows you to locate devices and other system objects, as well as events and services.)
  • ZenPack:Amazon Web Services  + (The Amazon Web Services™ ZenPack allows you to monitor Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud™ (Amazon EC2™) server instances.)
  • ZenPack:Application Profiles  + (The Application Profiler Zenpack is designed to reduce administrative complexity by automating the process of device organizer and user, group, administrative role, as well as alert management)
  • ZenPack:AutoTune  + (The AutoTune ZenPack enables the ZenTune "tuning advisor" feature in Resource Manager. ZenTune analyzes your system configuration and makes recommendations for better performance.)
  • ZenPack:Cisco Catalyst  + (The Cisco Catalyst ZenPack provides SNMP-based modeling and monitoring for Catalyst Switch devices running CatOS.)
  • ZenPack:Cisco Devices  + (The CiscoMonitor ZenPack provides additional support for monitoring faults and performance of a wide range of Cisco equipment, including virtual resources such as virtual firewalls and virtual load balancers.)
  • ZenPack:Cisco UCS  + (The CiscoUCS ZenPack enables Resource Manager to use HTTP to monitor Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) devices.)
  • ZenPack:Dell PowerEdge  + (The Dell PowerEdge ZenPack allows you to monitor Dell PowerEdge Servers, including blade servers with the Dell PowerEdge M1000e chassis.)
  • ZenPack:Device Access Control Lists  + (The Device Access Control List (ACL) Enterprise ZenPack (ZenDeviceACL) adds fine-grained security controls to Resource Manager.)
  • ZenPack:Docker  + (The Docker ZenPack allows you to monitor Docker Containers.)
  • ZenPack:EMC.base  + (The EMC.base ZenPack enables Resource Manager to model and monitor EMC VMAX and VNX storage arrays.)
  • ZenPack:Enterprise Collector  + (The Enterprise Collector ZenPack allows collector daemons to start and monitor devices, even if a connection to ZenHub is not available when the daemon starts.)
  • ZenPack:Enterprise Linux  + (The EnterpriseLinux ZenPack extends the capabilities of the LinuxMonitor ZenPack and enables Resource Manager to use Secure Shell (SSH) to monitor Linux hosts.)
  • ZenPack:Enterprise Reports  + (The EnterpriseReports ZenPack adds new reports to the standard Resource Manager reports)