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A list of all pages that have property "Summary" with value "The WebScale ZenPack enhances Web-based performance of Zenoss". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • ZenPack:Enterprise Reports  + (The EnterpriseReports ZenPack adds new reports to the standard Resource Manager reports)
  • ZenPack:Enterprise Security  + (The EnterpriseSecurity ZenPack enhances Resource Manager security by enabling password encryption.)
  • ZenPack:Event Enrichment  + (The Event Enrichment ZenPack allows you to enrich Zenoss Events with escalation and remediation information. This gives your operations and on-call engineers the information they need to resolve the issue.)
  • ZenPack:F5 BIG-IP (Commercial)  + (The F5 BIG-IP network device monitoring feature monitors load balancer CPU and memory utilization. It also tracks per-instance metrics for each load-balanced virtual server that is configured.)
  • ZenPack:FTP Monitor  + (The FTPMonitor ZenPack monitors connection response time to an FTP server.)
  • ZenPack:Formula Data Source  + (The Formula Data Source ZenPack allows you to create a new data source in a template, that contains multiple other existing data sources added up, multiplied, divided.)
  • ZenPack:HP-UX (Commercial)  + (The HpuxMonitor ZenPack enables Resource Manager to use Secure Shell (SSH) to monitor Hewlett Packard UNIX (HP-UX) hosts.)
  • ZenPack:IBM System x Integrated Management Module  + (The IBM System x ZenPack supports out-of-band management (that is, independent of the running OS) for IBM System x servers with Integrated Management Module (IMM).)
  • ZenPack:IRCD Monitor  + (The IRCD Monitor monitors the number of users connected to an IRC server.)
  • ZenPack:Installed Templates Report  + (The InstalledTemplatesReport ZenPack provides a report of all the Monitoring Templates installed in a Zenoss instance.)
  • ZenPack:Juniper Devices  + (The JuniperMonitor ZenPack allows system administrators to monitor their Juniper devices.)
  • ZenPack:LDAP Authentication  + (The LDAPAuthenticator ZenPack allows Resource Manager to use your existing LDAP authentication infrastructure, such as Active Directory or OpenLDAP, to enable single sign-on to the Resource Manager interface.)
  • ZenPack:Microsoft Azure  + (The Microsoft Azure ZenPack allows you to monitor Azure Subscription managing services.)
  • ZenPack:Microsoft Hyper-V  + (The Microsoft Hyper-V ZenPack allows for monitoring of Hyper-V hypervisors on Microsoft Windows systems.)
  • ZenPack:Microsoft Lync  + (The Microsoft Lync ZenPack allows for monitoring of a Microsoft Lync Server environment running on Microsoft Windows systems.)
  • ZenPack:NTP Monitor  + (The NTPMonitor ZenPack uses the check_ntp_peer Nagios Plugin to check the offset with the sync peer. This plugin will not check the clock offset between the local host and NTP server.)
  • ZenPack:PostgresqlMonitor  + (The PostgreSQL ZenPack has a dependency on the Python pgsql module. It was tested against a 8.3.x Postgres server and partially works with 8.2.x.)
  • ZenPack:RANCID Integration  + (The RANCID Integrator ZenPack allows Zenoss to work in conjunction with Shrubbery Networks' RANCID (Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ))
  • ZenPack:Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer  + (The Scrutinizer ZenPack provides direct integration between Zenoss and Scrutinizer.)
  • ZenPack:Solaris  + (The SolarisMonitor ZenPack enables Resource Manager to use Secure Shell (SSH) to monitor Solaris hosts.)
  • ZenPack:StorageBase  + (The StorageBase ZenPack adds additional reports for storage device licenses, clients and disk firmware.)
  • ZenPack:SugarCRM  + (The SugarCRMMonitor ZenPack allows you to monitor SugarCRM services.)
  • ZenPack:VMware ESX Server Monitor  + (The VMWare ESX Server ZenPack for Core allows you to monitor ESX hosts and guests via VMWares EsxTop utility. The ZenPack uses the resxtop command to gather performance information about VMware Infrastructure™ ESX™ servers.)
  • ZenPack:VMware vCloud  + (The VMware vCloud ZenPack enables Resource Manager to use VMware's Cloud Director native management API to extend in-depth availability, performance, and event monitoring into the vCloud platform.)
  • ZenPack:Virtual Host Monitor  + (The Virtual Host Monitor ZenPack provides common shared functionality for virtualization ZenPacks. It is used by the Xen Virtual Hosts and VMWare ESX Server ZenPacks.)
 (The WebScale ZenPack enhances Web-based performance of Zenoss)
  • ZenPack:WebScale  + (The WebScale ZenPack enhances Web-based performance of Zenoss.)
  • ZenPack:Windows SNMP Service Monitor  + (The Windows SNMP Service Monitor ZenPack allows Zenoss to monitor Windows Services via SNMP.)
  • ZenPack:Xen Virtual Hosts  + (The XenMonitor ZenPack allows you to monitor Xen para-virtualized domains with Zenoss. <br />Note: This ZenPack is deprecated has been superseded by
  • ZenPack:Holt-Winters Threshold  + (The ZenHoltWinters ZenPack adds the ability to create threshold events when a device exceeds cyclical predicted values. The Holt-Winters exponential smoothing algorithm is used for this prediction.)
  • ZenPack:Mail Transactions  + (The ZenMailTx ZenPack allows you to monitor round-trip email delivery.)
  • ZenPack:Operator Role  + (The ZenOperatorRole ZenPack creates a new role (ZenOperator) suitable for use in Resource Manager.)
  • ZenPack:IP-SLA Enumeration/Monitoring  + (The ZenPack discovers, enumerates and allows monitoring of SLAs (obj. SLAS).)
  • ZenPack:Tru64 Unix  + (The ZenPack has the basic definitions for the monitoring of a Tru64 Unix server (cpu, memory, etc.))
  • ZenPack:EMC Celerra Filesystem  + (The ZenPack is used to monitor EMC's Celerra filesystem created through the EMC Celerra Network Server instead of the default OS filesystems.)
  • ZenPack:Google Search Provider  + (The ZenPack provides a Google search provider for allowing Zenoss users to search Google within the application. Similar to the Global Device Search, this implementation is intended as an example for writing your own search extensions.)
  • ZenPack:FancyEmail  + (The ZenPack provides a new Notification type, FancyEmail, which is based on the standard Email notification but whose body and clear_body contain html formatting rather than simple text. They also include image banners.)
  • ZenPack:Swiftbase Climate Monitor  + (The ZenPack provides temperature, climate and cluster chiller measurements from Swiftbases Climate devices.)
  • ZenPack:SQL Transactions  + (The ZenSQLTx ZenPack allows you to test the availability and performance of MySQL, Sybase and Microsoft SQL servers. It provides a SQL data source where user-defined SQL queries can be executed against a database.)
  • ZenPack:Web-Based Synthetic Transactions  + (The ZenWebTx ZenPack allows you to test the availability and performance of Web sites by performing some of the same activities performed by your user community.)
  • ZenPack:IBM 3584  + (The main purpose of this ZenPack is to model IBM 3584 inventory information (serial numbers, models) and monitor status of the library via SNMP traps and status indicators.)
  • ZenPack:Installed Software Report  + (The report provides the list of software which meet filtering conditions.)
  • ZenPack:Organizer Modeler  + (The zenpack implements functionality to model group of devices)
  • ZenPack:Subagent Shell  + (The zenpack provides components/templates for net-snmp SubagentShell mibs.)
  • ZenPack:SQL Data Source  + (This Functionality ZenPack provides a new
    This Functionality ZenPack provides a new '''zenperfsql''' daemon and '''SQL''' data source. It based on Twisted <code>twisted.enterprise.adbapi</code> interface to the standardized DB-API 2.0 API, which allows you to access a number of different RDBMSes.
    u to access a number of different RDBMSes.)
  • ZenPack:ODBC Data Source  + (This Functionality ZenPack provides a new '''ODBC''' data source.)
  • ZenPack:Oracle (Sun) Hardware Monitor  + (This Monitoring ZenPack allows Oracle (formerly Sun) Hardware to be monitored via incoming snmp-traps. Many event classes are created and events are properly dealt with.)
  • ZenPack:Cisco Environmental Monitor  + (This Monitoring ZenPack provides Cisco Environmental monitoring including fans, temperature sensors, power supplies and expansion modules.)
  • ZenPack:IBM WebSphere MQ  + (This Monitoring ZenPack provides IBM Websphere MQ-based monitoring using utilities installed on the remote MQ servers.)
  • ZenPack:Oracle Database Monitor  + (This Monitoring ZenPack provides Oracle Database monitoring. There is a '''community.sql.OracleDatabaseMap''' zCollectorPlugin that the device will need to use.)
  • ZenPack:Zeus Load Balancer  + (This Monitoring ZenPack provides SNMP based monitoring for the Zeus Load Balancer software running on a Linux Host.)