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  • ZenPack:Group Resources Report  + (This ZenPack provides a '''groupResourcesReport''' that rolls up the resources used by all the devices assigned to a Group, System or Location.)
  • ZenPack:Collector Tool  + (This ZenPack provides a '''zencollectortool''' script for configuring multiple collectors with Zenoss Core (this functionality is supported with Zenoss Enterprise).)
  • ZenPack:Reports Portlet  + (This ZenPack provides a Dashboard portlet that shows a listing of favorite reports and links directly to them.)
  • ZenPack:Event Views Portlet  + (This ZenPack provides a Dashboard portlet that shows a listing and status for the Event Views a user has defined.)
  • ZenPack:Memcached Data Source  + (This ZenPack provides a custom '''MemcachedStats''' Data Source which automatically brings over the stats for monitoring Memcached.)
  • ZenPack:Allied Telesis Switch  + (This ZenPack provides a simple devicemap for modeling Allied Telesis Switches.)
  • ZenPack:Dell Monitor (Community)  + (This ZenPack provides additional monitoring options for Dell machines with additional zCollectorPlugins.)
  • ZenPack:Cfengine  + (This ZenPack provides an integration between the Cfengine Nova configuration automation tool and Zenoss.)
  • ZenPack:RDBMS Monitoring  + (This ZenPack provides basic "Database" and "DBSrvInst" component class.)
  • ZenPack:DragonWave AirPair  + (This ZenPack provides basic monitoring of DragonWave AirPair series radios.)
  • ZenPack:ModelingMonitor  + (This ZenPack provides datasource ModelingMonitorDataSource to get information about modeling status)
  • ZenPack:Chef Client  + (This ZenPack provides modeling (and eventually some monitoring possibly) for devices managed by Chef using the Ohaicommand)
  • ZenPack:HP Blade Chassis  + (This ZenPack provides monitoring for HP Blade Chassis (not to be confused with Compaq servers) via SNMP executed by a Perl script.)
  • ZenPack:MGE UPS  + (This ZenPack provides monitoring for MGE UPS devices.)
  • ZenPack:Juniper NetScreen  + (This ZenPack provides monitoring functionality for Juniper NetScreen devices.)
  • ZenPack:MS SQL Database Monitor  + (This ZenPack provides monitoring of MS SQL databases.)
  • ZenPack:MySQL Database Monitor (Community)  + (This ZenPack provides monitoring of MySQL databases.)
  • ZenPack:PostgreSQL Database Monitor  + (This ZenPack provides monitoring of PostgreSQL databases. There is a '''PgSqlDatabase''' components template and a '''community.sql.PgSqlDatabaseMap''' collector plugin that the device will need to use.)
  • ZenPack:Synthetic Web Transactions  + (This ZenPack provides monitoring of multi-step web transactions. The ZenPack leverages Twill scripts to monitor websites.)
  • ZenPack:MRV Wireless  + (This ZenPack provides more information for monitoring MRV wireless products.)
  • ZenPack:Raytalk Wireless  + (This ZenPack provides more information for monitoring Raytalk wireless products.)
  • ZenPack:Colubris Wireless  + (This ZenPack provides more information for monitoring Colubris wireless products with a devicemap plugin to grab OS information, MIBs and products.)
  • ZenPack:MS SQL Server 64-bit SNMP  + (This ZenPack provides performance monitoring/graphing for 64-bit MS SQL Servers. This ZenPack requires snmp-informant-SQLv2 to be installed on the monitored host.)
  • ZenPack:Apache HTTP Server  + (This ZenPack provides performance monitoring of the Apache HTTP Server.)
  • ZenPack:MySQL Database Monitor (Core)  + (This ZenPack provides status and performance monitoring of MySQL.)
 (This ZenPack provides status and response time monitoring of HTTP URLs)
  • ZenPack:HTTP Monitor  + (This ZenPack provides status and response time monitoring of HTTP URLs.)
  • ZenPack:DNS Monitor  + (This ZenPack provides status and response time monitoring of resolution against DNS servers.)
  • ZenPack:OpenvSwitch  + (This ZenPack provides support for monitoring OpenvSwitch
  • ZenPack:Microsoft Exchange  + (This ZenPack provides support for monitoring Microsoft Exchange Server. Monitoring is performed using the Windows Remote Management (WinRM) to collect Perfmon data.)
  • ZenPack:PropertyMonitor  + (This ZenPack provides support for monitoring any numeric property of any Zenoss component.)
  • ZenPack:Puppet  + (This ZenPack provides support for the following in Puppet (via ssh))
  • ZenPack:Dell SNMP Event Transforms  + (This ZenPack provides the <strong>/Events/HW/Dell</strong> class which contains over 60 event transforms for events/SNMP traps generated by Dell OpenManage (OMSA).)
  • ZenPack:RaphaelJS  + (This ZenPack provides the RaphaelJS SVG/VML JavaScript rendering framework, which can be used by other ZenPacks.)
  • ZenPack:Global Device Search  + (This ZenPack provides the ability to quickly search for Devices by their name or by their IP address.)
  • ZenPack:Powerware UPS  + (This ZenPack provides voltages stats, load, ambient temperature, battery capacity and more for Powerware UPS products.)
  • ZenPack:Splunk Event Forwarder  + (This ZenPack reads events from the eventForwarder queue and dumps them into a flat file that's easy for splunk to consume locally using the EventForwarder ZenPack.)
  • ZenPack:Zenoss Event Forwarder  + (This ZenPack reads events from the eventForwarder queue and forwards them via JSON to a configured target Zenoss instance using the EventForwarder ZenPack)
  • ZenPack:NetApp  + (This ZenPack rolls up the previous 3 NetApp ZenPacks and adds additional functionality.)
  • ZenPack:WinSnmp  + (This ZenPack serves two purposes. One is t
    This ZenPack serves two purposes. One is to manage Windows devices via the SNMP protocol; the second is to demonstrate examples of using the Python Collector ZenPack. The ZenPack is based on two earlier ZenPacks by Ryan Matte: ZenPacks.Nova.Windows.SNMPPerfMonitor is available at ZenPacks.Nova.WinServiceSNMP can be found on the Zenoss wiki at . ZenPacks.Nova.Windows.SNMPPerfMonitor monitors cpu, memory, paging and processes; ZenPacks.Nova.WinServiceSNMP has a modeler to gather Windows Services components and a template to then gather operational status data. This ZenPack combines the functionality into one ZenPack and changes the data collection method from using commands to using SNMP. This ZenPack can coexist with Ryan's ZenPacks. In general, names have had "Python" appended to them to make similar objects distinct from Ryan's. The ZenPack introduces a new device class of /Server/Windows/Snmp and then adds subclasses for different numbers of processors, whereas Ryan's ZenPack works directly with devices under /Server/Windows. To determine which group to place a server in perform an snmpwalk command for hrProcessorLoad as follows: snmpwalk -v1 -c <snmp string> <host> hrProcessorLoad The number of lines corresponds to the number of CPUs. Unlike Ryan's ZenPack, I have NOT provided exhaustive templates for each different number of processors. A sample is provided; please expand the templates to suit your own device requirements. During installation and removal the ZenPack rebuilds device relations for all devices within the /Server/WindowsSnmp device class. Depending on the number of devices that you have in that class, it can take a long time. You will notice some errors in the UI while the relations are being rebuilt, which is normal. Please be patient and allow it to complete. After the relations have been rebuilt Zenoss should be restarted. Make sure that you lock the services to prevent them from being removed during a remodel while a service is down. Modeling will only pick up services that are running. zProperties zWinServiceSNMPIgnoreNames: Place the full names of any services that you want to ignore in this line by line. zWinServiceSNMPMonitorNames: Place the full names of any services which you explicitly want to monitor (ignoring all others) in this line by line. zWinServiceSNMPMonitorNamesEnable: This enables/disables the use of zWinServiceSNMPMonitorNames Note that you need to remodel your devices for the above to take effect. Keep in mind that zWinServiceSNMPIgnoreNames is constantly in use. If you put the same service name in both zWinServiceSNMPIgnoreNames and zWinServiceSNMPMonitorNames it will be ignored. Templates PyTestSnmpCpu monitors CPU utilisation for each processor and the average total. Uses Python to drive SNMP PyTestSnmpMem monitors memory and paging using Python to drive SNMP PyTestCmdMemCpu monitors cpu and memory / paging using Python to drive commands. This template is not bound by default. PyTestSnmpServProc monitors number of processes and number of services. Uses Python to drive SNMP. WinServiceSNMPPython in /Server/Windows/Snmp: This template is required for monitoring services. Do not bind this template to the device. Make sure the template is in the class that the device is in (or a higher class). The template will automatically be used for the windows services components. Modeler Plugins community.snmp.WinServiceMap: This plugin is required during modeling. It currently is based on the standard SnmpPlugin. Events This ZenPack ships 2 events that are used with thresholds and templates. Both have transforms. /Perf/Memory/Snmp /Status/WinServiceSNMPPython
    /Snmp /Status/WinServiceSNMPPython)
  • ZenPack:HP-UX (Open Source)  + (This ZenPack sorts out filesystems and performance monitoring for HP-UX based on info in the Wiki.)
  • ZenPack:A10  + (This ZenPack supports A10 load balancers.)
  • ZenPack:HP Printer Trap Transforms  + (This ZenPack transforms JetDirect enabled printer traps into their human readable form.)
  • ZenPack:Zabbix Agent  + (This ZenPack unlocks Zabbix agent functionality for Zenoss. The best benefit is that Zabbix agent is available for wide range of OS (UNIX, Windows, ...). Default Zabbix templates adapted for Zenoss are included.)
  • ZenPack:VMware vSphere (legacy)  + (This ZenPack uses VMware's vSphere API to retrieve information about hosts, virtual machines, clusters, resource pools, and data stores from a vCenter Server.)
  • ZenPack:SquidMon  + (This ZenPack will allow you to monitor the Squid web-cache/proxy via SNMP using Zenoss.)
  • ZenPack:SNMP Location (RackSlot)  + (This ZenPack will automatically add devices to Location organizers based on their SNMP location OID (sysLocation). Locations will be created automatically as necessary. Special code to initialize rackSlot values has been added.)
  • ZenPack:Siebel CRM Components  + (This Zenpack provides modeling and monitoring of the Siebel CRM Application Server.)
  • ZenPack:Filtered Device Issues Portlet  + (This dashboard portlet is based on the "Device Issues" portlet and adds filtering capabilities. You may add filtering based on Devices, Locations, Groups or Systems through the settings on the portlet.)
  • ZenPack:MIB Browser  + (This is Kells Kearney's ZenPack, updated to work with Zenoss 3. Version 2.2 of the ZenPack now tested with Zenoss Core 5.1.5.)
  • ZenPack:BlueCoat Appliances  + (This is a BlueCoat Appliance ZenPack.)