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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Summary" with value "Trango M900 Access Point and Subscriber Monitoring". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • ZenPack:A10  + (This ZenPack supports A10 load balancers.)
  • ZenPack:HP Printer Trap Transforms  + (This ZenPack transforms JetDirect enabled printer traps into their human readable form.)
  • ZenPack:Zabbix Agent  + (This ZenPack unlocks Zabbix agent functionality for Zenoss. The best benefit is that Zabbix agent is available for wide range of OS (UNIX, Windows, ...). Default Zabbix templates adapted for Zenoss are included.)
  • ZenPack:VMware vSphere (legacy)  + (This ZenPack uses VMware's vSphere API to retrieve information about hosts, virtual machines, clusters, resource pools, and data stores from a vCenter Server.)
  • ZenPack:SquidMon  + (This ZenPack will allow you to monitor the Squid web-cache/proxy via SNMP using Zenoss.)
  • ZenPack:SNMP Location (RackSlot)  + (This ZenPack will automatically add devices to Location organizers based on their SNMP location OID (sysLocation). Locations will be created automatically as necessary. Special code to initialize rackSlot values has been added.)
  • ZenPack:Siebel CRM Components  + (This Zenpack provides modeling and monitoring of the Siebel CRM Application Server.)
  • ZenPack:Filtered Device Issues Portlet  + (This dashboard portlet is based on the "Device Issues" portlet and adds filtering capabilities. You may add filtering based on Devices, Locations, Groups or Systems through the settings on the portlet.)
  • ZenPack:MIB Browser  + (This is Kells Kearney's ZenPack, updated to work with Zenoss 3. Version 2.2 of the ZenPack now tested with Zenoss Core 5.1.5.)
  • ZenPack:BlueCoat Appliances  + (This is a BlueCoat Appliance ZenPack.)
  • ZenPack:Hidden Graph  + (This is a ZenPack that can be used by developers to programatically make graphs in a template invisible.)
  • ZenPack:NetWare SNMP  + (This is a purely SNMP-based ZenPack for monitoring NetWare. It does not require the MRTGEXT.NLM module, unlike the NetWare 6.5 ZenPack.)
  • ZenPack:Dell PowerEdge 2950  + (This is a template for additional data collection on PowerEdge 2950 servers.)
  • ZenPack:Dell PowerEdge 1950  + (This is a template for additional data collection on PowerEdge 1950 servers.)
  • ZenPack:APC PowerNet/MasterSwitch AP9225  + (This is for the APC PowerNet/MasterSwitch AP9225 model of PDU/PCU's)
  • ZenPack:User Roles (beta)  + (This is to create and change user roles - note it is BETA!!!! It should NOT be installed in a Zenoss Enterprise environment.)
  • ZenPack:EMC Clariion  + (This monitoring ZenPack is for EMC² Clariion bays.)
  • ZenPack:Dell EqualLogic Monitor  + (This monitoring ZenPack provides Dell EqualLogic device details such as Volumes, disks, fans and Storage Pools. EqualLogic devices are often iSCSI-based SAN appliances for easy storage management in data centers.)
  • ZenPack:Dell PowerConnect iSCSI  + (This monitoring and modeling ZenPack provides Dell PowerConnect iSCSI Switch/SAN device information such as interface, fan, power, temp, cpu, iscsi mibs, and storage events.)
  • ZenPack:OpenStack (Tenant View)  + (This project is a Zenoss extension (ZenPack) that allows for monitoring of OpenStack. This means that you can monitor the flavors, images and servers from a user or consumer perspective.)
  • ZenPack:VMware Virtual Machines Report  + (This report lists all of the virtual machine devices within the environment. This report is sortable by VM name, VMID, guest OS, VM state, guest state and ESX host)
  • ZenPack:Whats Down Portlet  + (This zenpack adds a simple portlet which lists "Down" Devices (devices with failed ping counts).)
  • ZenPack:HTTP Components  + (This zenpack allows monitored URLs to be managed as if they were device components, using the standard GUI component management methods.)
  • ZenPack:Cisco Environmental Monitor (NWN)  + (This zenpack monitors cisco hardware via the ciscoenvmon mib, it will work in parellel with the Cisco Enterprise ZenPack.)
  • ZenPack:PagerDuty  + (Tight integration between Zenoss ( and Pagerduty (