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This template is intended provide a re-usable snippet so all ZenPack pages can present a standard set of base installation instructions. Individual pages can still provide additional installation instructions by first including these, and then adding additional steps.


The following should be a common pattern on how to use this template

 {{ZenPackDevelopmentInstallationCli|restart=zopectl restart; zenhub restart}} 

Included Content

Developer Mode Installation

In order to do a development mode installation you will want to clone the existing git repository, and then use the --link flag with the zenpack command:

  1. Ensure you are logged in as the zenoss user:
    $ sudo su - zenoss
  2. Start by cloning the upstream repository:
    $ git clone git://github.com/path/to/repo
  3. Next, perform the installation:
    $ zenpack --link --install zenpack_directory
  4. Finally, restart these serivices:
    $ zopectl restart