Transforms - Escalate by Count in a Time Window

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The following example adds another wrinkle to the Transforms - Escalate by Count example. In this case we only want to escalate the severity of the event if the count has exceeded 3 within an hour.

dedupfields = [evt.device, evt.component, evt.eventClass]
if getattr(evt, 'eventKey', False):
    dedupfields += [evt.eventKey, evt.severity]
    dedupfields += [evt.severity, evt.summary]
zep = getFacade('zep')
evt_filter = zep.createEventFilter(
    fingerprint='|'.join(map(str, dedupfields)))
summaries = zep.getEventSummaries(0, limit=1, filter=evt_filter)
# Turn the events generator into a list. This consumes the generator so
# summaries['events'] will be empty after this.
events = list(summaries['events'])
if summaries['total']:
    import time
    existing_count = events[0]['count']
    first_time = events[0]['first_seen_time'] / 1000.0
    # Close the existing event if it was first seen more than an hour ago.
    if first_time < time.time() - 3600:
        # We close based on what amounts to the auto-clear fingerprint so that
        # the escalated and non-escalated events all get cleared.
    # Otherwise, increase the severity to CRITICAL if the count is > 3
    elif existing_count > 3:
        evt.severity = 5