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David Andino


Address: Pto. Fijo, Edo. Falcón, Venezuela. Status: Married Languages: Spanish, English Learning: French,

SR UNIX LINUX ADMINISTRATOR AND DEVELOPER Expertise on: Unix/Linux Systems, Software Development


-UNIX System Administrator providing more than 10 years of 24/7 support and experience specializing in Solaris, HP-UX, LINUX and Windows Basic Administration, Software Development, System configuration, upgrades, and technical support. -Proven ability to manage network servers with HP-UX 11.11, HP-UX 11.31, Solaris 5 and 8, Linux in different distributions, High Availability Environments in free software and HP MC/ServiceGuard (for Metropolitan clusters). -Implementation and usage of monitoring tools with Open Source, process automation and script programming in Servers Infrastructure. Expertise in basic infrastructure services (DHCP, DNS, Web services, Authentication, and others). Experience working in environments with high performance teams and critical services. -Network Management Solutions in Free Software, Operating Systems Analyst, Software Developer., Researcher, Autodidact, Communicative, Friendly, Comprehensive, Highly analytical, Aware of his strengths and weaknesses, Likes learning new things, Leadership and teaching skills, Likes to learn languages.


-Programming Languages: SHELL (ksh, sh, bash, csh, expect), C/C++, Objetive-C, Basic/Visual Basic, Java, Java 3D, Java Servlets and JSP, PHP, HTML, Javascript, Python. -Frameworks: Django, Eclipse, Xcode. -Hardware: HP9000 series, HP rx6600, HP rx2600, SunFire 4400, HP EVA SAN Management, Intel, HP Tape Libraries. -Operating Systems: HP-UX 10.20, HP-UX 11.11, HP-UX 11.31, Solaris 5.1, Solaris 8, RedHat, Gentoo, Debian, Suse, Ubuntu, Windows XP/7, Windows 2K/2K3, OSX. -High Availability: MC/ServiceGuard (including Metrocluster Solution), HAProxy, Linux Virtual Server, Heartbeat and CRM, Glusterfs. Linux Raid Software. -Virtualization: HPVM, KVM, Xen, XenSource. -Ancillary Skills: Free Software Solutions, HP Dataprotector/Omniback, Veritas Volume Manager, Asterisk, Apache, Tomcat, TCP, SAMBA, Sudo, Ldap, Zenoss, Nagios, OcsInventory, GLPI, CFEngine, Ignite, TFTP, GIT.

Special powers
Senior Unix Linux Administrator and Developer


freenode: andinod


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Venezuela (11° 43' 44", -70° 11' 29")

Hello all!

This is my first contribution to Zenoss Core. You may contact me, through my personal email or my web page

By now, I think I will enjoy to make contributions. I've been using Zenoss for years since 2.0 release.