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Trey Hunsucker is a twelve year veteran of using open source software to deploy and build business IT infrastructures. Leveraging this knowledge, Trey is an indispensable member of the team at Consolidated Networks Corporation, having served there as a Field Engineer for 6 years. When faced with rural schools that could not afford new computers, he leveraged LTSP ( to ensure that the students got the resources they needed while keeping the project on budget. He has leveraged LibreOffice to replace MS Office, again providing a cost savings, and monitors the whole thing with Zenoss.

Trey is the author of the community installation system which makes Zenoss 4.x run on Linux. He is the most active member of the new forums (, and the third most active member of Zenoss’s IRC channel. Trey blogs, often about Zenoss, at (, and is an active member in the Zenoss and Ubuntu communities. In his spare time he wrestles with his three kids and occasionally sleeps (which would be impossible without Zenoss). He is honored to be named a Zenoss Master and looks forward to contributing back to the project.

Special powers
Master of Ubuntu Foo


freenode: hydruid


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