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How to install and configure Zenoss for IBM 3584 library

Hi All, i am new to Zenoss. Can some one please help me to install and Configure Zenoss/Zenpack for IBM 3584 Library.

Hi Sukumar,

I recommend adding your comment to the discussion forum at the bottom of ZenPack:IBM 3584. I am looking into this ZenPack and updating its page for you, but it looks like it has not yet been updated to work with Zenoss 3.x+ yet. We will need to tweak a few things in this ZenPack first to make it compatible with modern versions of Zenoss and then it should work fine for you. We have looked at the code and it just needs some updates to work with the latest versions of the Zenoss UI.



can help with snmpwalk

Sukumar, if you can provide an snmpwalk of your IBM 3584, we can use this to update the ZenPack to modern standards for you. To provide an snmpwalk, you will need access to a Linux system in your datacenter with net-snmp installed (RHEL/Centos should work fine.) Type:

snmpwalk -v2c -c public -m none -O enU >  mydevice.snmpwalk
  • public should be replaced with your community string.
  • should be replaced with the IP of your device.
  • mydevice.snmpwalk should be replaced with any output filename.

This will allow us to simulate the tape library in a development environment and thus update the ZenPack.

Thanks and Regards,


--Daniel Robbins (talk) 16:52, 14 November 2012 (UTC)