Windows Remote Management (WinRM)

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Windows Remote Management (WinRM)

If you've fought and lost the battle with WMI, never fear WinRM is here!


For years and many Zenoss versions, the default tool for monitoring Windows Servers was with WMI. WMI is awesome but has a tendency to stop working and cause gaps in graphs and monitoring. Luckily Microsoft released a different tool and now Zenoss can fully utilize it for more monitoring flexibility and reliability!


Unreliable metrics using WMI as the method for monitoring window servers performance counters. WMI seems to die without any reason or warning, but at least it does usually start working again.


Implement the new 'Microsoft Windows' ZenPack, which uses WinRM, with a simple configuration.


Reliable metrics using WinRM.


Insert graph pictures

Summary and Future Work

This article covers a very simple configuration of WinRM to get you started. It is highly recommended to convert to using HTTPS so that the data is encrypted and not plain-text!


Lets give a big hand to the Zenoss engineers for making this change and making Zenoss a better product on a day to day basis!