ZenDMD Tip Renaming Modifying Device Properties

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We wish to modify certain properties of Devices configured in Zenoss. Easy and reliable way of doing would be to use zendmd console with a small script

Getting into zendmd console :

On Zenoss Master Server , run following command as zenoss user .

$ zenoss-master-server > zendmd

To find the device path , run following command Parameter can be Ip address or Device titile in Zenoss.

>>>d = find=("Parameter")

Output of above command would look like below :

<Device at /zport/dmd/Devices/XYYZ/XXX/YYY/devices/device-id>

To fetch the property of device :


Script to modify the properties would look like :

for dev in dmd.Devices.XYYZ.XXX.getSubDevices():
    if dev.id =="current value or paramter used in previously"

Harmless Error : At times , we might see an error when tried above command . You can ignore and go ahead with verification of changes made.

ERROR Zope.ZCatalog uncatalogObject unsuccessfully attempted to uncatalog an object with a uid of <Device at XXX.XXX.XXX.XX>.

To know more function same as renameDevice() please have a look at Device.py file available under