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  • improving general layout of pages
  • allowing users to search for ZenPacks compatible with their version of Zenoss
  • keywords/categories, and drill-down by categories
  • ZenPack review support
  • simplifying the download process (finding the right ZenPack binary file for the version of Zenoss you are running.) (DONE)
  • auto-include README.rst as page content if it exists.
  • A sortable table like view of current packs and which versions they support. Something that looks similar to http://wiki.zenoss.org/Daves_Test_Page
  • A view which makes it easy to determine at a glance, which packs have the necessary data to auto-build, and which ones don't. This would make it easier know which packs need attention
  • Maybe out of place on this page, but not sure where else to put it. Auto-Notification of failed builds to author/submitter?

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