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Thanks for taking the time to make this zenpack available. I assume that there have been changes to the UK whois output since version 1.06 (check_domains.sh 1.6) was released as I have had to make the following tweaks to the shell script (the 'cut' change will also apply to other TLD types).

1. The cut binary is no longer in /usr/bin on Centos 5/6 systems. I've changed this to /bin to reflect that.

2. The whois domain expiry date line (for UK output) now uses the keyword Expiry instead of Renewal.

3. jwhois queries against whois.nic.uk include DOS carriage returns. There's probably a simple way to avoid this but I have piped the output through sed instead ( | sed 's/^M//g' ). The ^M needs to be entered as CTRL-v CTRL-M.

If anyone else would find these changes useful then feel free to crib from the patch linked here: http://pastebin.com/qhuGNtnE