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This page answers the following frequently asked questions related to the Zenoss Core 5/Europa Beta 2 release.

To download and run the Zenoss Core 5/Beta release, see the Zenoss Core 5 Beta Download.

What is Europa?

Zenoss Core 5, code-named Europa, is a major milestone in the evolution of the Zenoss operations management platform. It includes significant architectural enhancements, along with improved usability, performance, scalability, and availability.

Designed from ground-up to support software-defined datacenters, Zenoss Core 5 represents the next generation operations monitoring platform. It will fundamentally change and improve the way you deploy, configure, manage, and use Zenoss.

Upon release, Resource Manager 5 will be fully compatible with the Zenoss Service Dynamics Service Impact and Analytics products, as well as all commercial ZenPacks.

Who can participate in the Beta release?

Beta 2 will be made available to all current Zenoss Service Dynamics customers and Zenoss Core users.

Is the Beta release for Core 5 feature complete? What are the new items in this release that were not included in Beta 2 release?

The Core 5 Beta 2 release is near feature-complete and has been optimized for better performance. The goal of the Beta 2 program is to get feedback on new features/functionality and overall product performance. There will be updates to several UI workflows and additional performance optimization of the platform between now and the generally available release.

  1. Distributed Host Support
  2. Asymmetrical KPI support
  3. Zenoss Application Log Analytics
  4. Online Backup & Restore
  5. Service Snapshot & Rollback
  6. Core Control Center Integration
  7. Multi-resource pool support (new since beta 1)

How can Zenoss Community members participate in the Zenoss Core 5 Beta 2 release?

Members of Zenoss Community interested in participating in the Beta release, can learn more about the Beta and how they can evaluate and provide feedback by vising the Zenoss Community web site or by visiting the Zenoss Community Wiki.

How successful was the Zenoss Beta 1 release? Did we get the level or participation in terms of downloads and feedback that we wanted?

The goal of the Core 5 Beta 1 release was early awareness and feature feedback with a goal of 2,000 downloads. We were successful in terms of meeting our download goals for the Beta 1. We surpassed our goal of 2,000 downloads. We did receive some good feedback on the release and it was mostly in line with the expectations – great features, need more stability in the product.

When will Zenoss Core 5 be announced externally and when will it be Generally Available?

We expect 5.0 to be Development Complete in Q3 2014. While the specific dates are still being defined we expect the GA to be sometime in late Q3.

When will documentation be available for ZC 5?

Documentation for the RM 5/ZC 5 will be complete by the time we release the product into Controlled Availability sometime in Q3 2014.

When will documentation be available for Zenoss Core 5?

Documentation for the Core 5 will be complete by the time we release the product into CA sometime in late fall 2014.

What distributions will be supported for RM 5/ZC 5?

Europa will work on any Linux distribution that supports LXC in the kernel. Europa will also support Ubuntu 14.0.4 LTS release

  • RedHat 7
  • CentOS 7 (Upon availability)
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

What is the upgrade path from 4.x to 5.x?

In order to make our new platform available to you sooner, Zenoss is making the 5.0 release available without migration tools. The tooling needed to migrate existing data from 4.x to 5.x, will be released next year. In the interim, deploy the new 5.0 platform running in parallel with your existing 4.x platform.

What will eventually happen to the 4.x versions of our product?

We plan to continue development on the 4.x platform in the near-term and currently have multiple releases of Resource Manager, Service Impact and Analytics slated for 2014. As is our policy, and is typical with enterprise software, there will be a limited life-span for the 4.x platform once the 5.0 version is Generally Available. Our normal policy is 12 months after a new version is released that we end support for the previous version. At the time that we broadly announce the 5.0 product, we will have made a decision on the 4.x version(s) End of Life time frame. But to give you some rough idea now, since we expect the 5.0 GA to likely be in Q1, 2015 that means that 4.x EOL wouldn’t be until Q1, 2016. But the bottom line is that this is TBD and certainly won’t be shorter than our existing 12 month policy.