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Clearing the Event Index Files

Symptoms that might indicate this are when:

  • You can access MySQL correctly via command line commands
  • RabbitMQ shows queues correctly
  • Error message ending in "ServiceResponseError: Service Unavailable"

Ensure you have a backup position before trying this but I have found it often successful and it hasn't yet broken anything. Instructions are for Zenoss 4.x.

  1. Stop all Zenoss processes with:
      zenoss stop
  1. Navigate to $ZENHOME/var/zeneventserver
  2. All the files under this directory make up the event index
  1. Move all files to a safe place OUTSIDE the $ZENHOME/var directory structure, leaving a blank directory
      mv index /opt/zenoss/mysafe
  1. Restart Zenoss - the index files should all be rebuilt

JaneCurry (talk) 18:17, 16 December 2014 (UTC)