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General purpose JSON parser for handling JSON objects matching the followingtemplate. This allows many datapoints for many components to be collectedfrom a single COMMAND datasource. It also allows for collection of manyevents from a single COMMAND datasource. The event capabilities are a significant reason to choose this parser instead of the older Nagios parser for example.

If you specify a blank component eg "" it refers to a device level entry.

This example is from Products/ZenRRD/parsers/JSON.py

{    "values": {        "component_id_1": {            "datapoint1": 123.4,            "datapoint2": 987.6        },        "component_id_2": {            "datapoint1": 56.7,            "datapoint2": 54.3        }    },    "events": [        {            "severity": 2,            "other_field_1": "value for other field",            "summary": "event summary"        },        {            "severity": 3,            "other_field_1": "another value for other field",            "summary": "another event summary"        }    ]}