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== Download and Install Zenoss Community Edition ==
== Download and Install Zenoss Community Edition ==
'''To download Zenoss Community Edition, visit [https://www.zenoss.com/get-started <big>https://www.zenoss.com/get-started</big>].
To download Zenoss Community Edition, visit [https://www.zenoss.com/get-started https://www.zenoss.com/get-started].
== Zenoss 4.x Patches & Bug Fixes ==
== Zenoss 4.x Patches & Bug Fixes ==

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Ways to Engage with the Zenoss Community

Zenoss is Open Source Software, so like other open source software there's plenty of ways to get help.

IRC Channel
#zenoss on irc.freenode.net. Currently we have slightly over 100 users, answers occasionally take some time but someone is usually awake if the sun is up over the US or Europe.
Our forums are available both to search if you're having an issue, or to ask questions and post issues to. There's also a Zenoss-Announce group with announcements and information about Zenoss events and news.
I found a bug
Zenoss uses JIRA to track bugs. Create an account and file a bug, or browse reported bugs. Bug FAQ
I want to follow you on Twitter
Sure, Remember, Twitter isn't a support forum, so we can't answer questions there! If you still want to follow us, we're @Zenoss on Twitter.
What about documentation?
You're already here, welcome! If you're getting started, you might specifically look at how to Add a Device, part of our new tutorial-style User Guide that we are creating on the wiki. We also have our PDF documentation available.

Bulbgraph.png Note: Editing is restricted to trusted users only. If you need to edit the wiki, such as adding or correcting an article, or publishing a ZenPack, and do not have the trusted_users role, please e-mail your Community Manager and Engineer, John Boyle, at jboyle@zenoss.com. Thank you for your understanding as we work to stomp out spam.

Welcome to Zenoss

Zenoss is the global leader in hybrid IT monitoring and analytics software, providing complete visibility for cloud, virtual and physical IT environments for more than 5,600 global organizations. Zenoss customers gain IT performance and risk insights into their unique IT ecosystems through real-time analytics that adapt to the ever-evolving data center and cloud, enabling them to eliminate disruptions and accelerate business.

Join our Zenoss Community

1) Create your Zenoss Community account.

2) Log in and click on your username at the top of the screen.

3) Complete your user profile.

4) Start engaging with the Zenoss Community!

Download and Install Zenoss Community Edition

To download Zenoss Community Edition, visit https://www.zenoss.com/get-started.

Zenoss 4.x Patches & Bug Fixes

You can find the latest Core 4.x patches here.

Get Started

These videos are part of our Core User Guide and will help you to master Zenoss concepts easily and efficiently.

Zenoss Content - Please help us expand!

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