Maintenance Windows

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Maintenance windows allow scheduled production state changes of a device or all devices in a system, group, or location. You might want to set up a maintenance window, for example, to prevent alerts and warnings while you perform configuration changes or reboot a device. Note In lieu of setting up a maintenance window, you can change the production state for a device manually at the time you want to make changes. When the maintenance window starts, the production state of the device is set to the value of Start Production State (Maintenance). When the maintenance window closes, the production state of the device reverts to the value of Stop Production State (the state the device was in prior to maintenance).

Creating a maintenance window for a device

Select the device from Devices in the Infrastructure tab. Next select Administration from the menu at left. Select the Gear menu next to Maintenance Window, and select "Add maintenance window". You'll be prompted for a name for the maintenance window. This field is arbitrary however I recommend that it be something useful as it will generate an event containing that name when the window fires off. Next click on the newly created window, you can edit the time, date and duration of the window, as well as setting it to repeat (for instance to cover a server that reboots in a given interval).