Migrating ZenPacks to Directory

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This page describes what needs to get done to migrate all existing ZenPacks to the new ZenPack directory on the wiki.

The old ZenPack directory can be found here:


Our new ZenPack directory can be accessed by clicking on the ZenPack Directory link in the left side of this page. The new directory provides a lot of new capabilities and is where we will house ZenPacks moving forward. But there is some effort involved in migrating ZenPacks to the new directory.

If you would like to help migrating ZenPacks to the new directory, here are steps you can follow to help us:

  1. Review the instructions in Releasing your ZenPack to familiarize yourself with the process of preparing a ZenPack for release.
  2. Pick a ZenPack from the old directory.
  3. Make an attempt to contact locate the sources on GitHub, ideally under the original author's account, not the zenoss account.
  4. Add the ZenPack to the new directory. In the author/maintainer names, type in the full name of the author.
  5. Define releases for the ZenPack. If possible, look for any tags on GitHub that define releases, and enter these into the Tag/SHA1 field for each release. If you can't find any tags, you can use the SHA1 of the top commit of each release.
  6. If there are any old binaries, then you can add links to these binaries (eggs, zips) by using the Binaries section on the ZenPack form.

Here are things that can be done to make the ZenPack listing more complete:

  1. Ensure there is a short summary of functionality defined.
  2. Add names of device(s) monitored by the ZenPack. This will allow us to create a global list of all devices monitored by Zenoss, and help people to find ZenPacks more easily.
  3. Add names of applications (databases, email servers, cloud technologies -- all software stuff) that the ZenPack monitors. This will allow us to create a global list of all applications monitored by Zenoss.
  4. In the Description area, add documentation for the ZenPack