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As The Community turns

Updates on what happened in the community during the fourth quarter

Happy New Year, Community members! With Zenoss Core Community Manager Andrew Kirch’s help, I’ve compiled some of the latest news relevant to the Core community.News has been a bit slow, so if you have anything to add to the next issue of Community Notes, please be sure to contact Andrew via email at!

SNMP Possibilities

Hacker culture is central to the FOSS community. So Andrew has been spending a lot of time talking up open source hardware projects like Arduino, an open source electronics prototyping platform, and Raspberry Pi,a “credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard.” Both Arduino and Raspberry Pi speak SNMP.

Unfortunately, Arduino’s SNMP program is not very good. So Andrew contacted go-to Zenoss Master Shane Scott and got Shane to volunteer some time into fixing it. Andrew’s hope is to see projects based on these solutions mature so that they will drive more hobbyist community adoption from people who already write code in Python—and get these folks writing ZenPacks for the Internet of Things.

Latest Bugs and Wiki Issues Resolved

Some of you were probably frustrated with recent issues on the Zenoss Core Wiki. It’s been slow or just hanging entirely. We been working feverishly on these issues and has upgraded the site to the latestversions of MySQL, PHP, and MediaWiki. Although we lost the page view counts at the bottom of each page, all of the logs and the Google Analytics and Clicky analytics data were saved. The remaining bugs have been worked out, and the Wiki has been stable—and loads pages faster than ever!

Meanwhile, Zenoss Engineering released a double whammy of bugs in RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) that will benefit the community.Both 154 and 163 had P1 bugs that were lights out for the community, and 174,which was released to replace them, also has a bug in it.

Although to some, this may seem disconcerting, more Quality Assurance (QA) resources have been allocated to packages released to Zenoss Core users.

Get Ready for Europa!

Zenoss 5.x, also known as Europa, is slated for release in mid-2014. The Alpha version was made available in mid-December. Expect lots of new updates and features coming up,including:

  • Apache Hbase Big Data Backend (replacing the venerable RRDTool)
  • Interactive SVG-based graphs, based on the D3.js rendering engine

As always, Community will be paving the way on Europa, testing it first, using it first, and generally making it awesome (just one more reason why open source rules) for everyone.

In the meantime, Zenoss 4.2.5 should be available any day now. It will include a bright shiny new [[ZenPack:Microsoft Windows | Windows ZenPack.

In the last newsletter

I mentioned that Trey Hunsucker (AKA hydruid) was working on Ubuntu and Debian scripts for Zenoss. Well, thanks to Trey, you can install Zenoss Core on both, giving users access to the awesomeness of Zenoss. List of Updates:

  • Released the "build" scripts used to generate the DEB packages.
  • Merged the Debian script into the Ubuntu version
  • Latest DEB includes ZenUp
  • Click here for the Ubuntu/Debian version compatibility chart.