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|Geoloc=39.7685825, -86.1579557
|Geoloc=39.7685825, -86.1579557
Bio: Andrew D Kirch is the Community Manager at Zenoss, a software
development company specializing in Unified Monitoring with 130 employees,
headquartered in Austin Texas.  The company offers an open source network
and systems monitoring product called Zenoss Core, and a commercial
product called Zenoss Service Dynamics.  The company has over 35,000 users
in over 180 countries. Customers include major organizations such as
Chic-fil-a, Huntington Bank, Netflix, SunGard, Accenture, NASA, FIS
Global, and many more.
As Community Manager, Andrew works directly with product users every day.
He has over 10 years of experience as a Systems/Network Administrator,
with specialization including SNMP and network monitoring. Prior to
working at Zenoss he was principal at a unified communications VAR focused
in the Midwest.  In his spare time he puts computer crackers in prison.

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Andrew D Kirch

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