ZenDMD Tip - Bulk Device Removal

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Below is the script to achieve bulk devices deletion on Zenoss :

Copy and paste the content in .py format . Make sure file named devicelist.txt is in same directory as this script .

#!/usr/bin/env python# import the stuff that zendmd needs and create the dmd contextimport Globalsfrom Products.ZenUtils.ZenScriptBase import ZenScriptBasefrom transaction import commitdmd = ZenScriptBase(connect=True, noopts=True).dmd # import the stuff that zep needsfrom Products.Zuul import getFacade, listFacadesfrom zenoss.protocols.jsonformat import from_dictfrom zenoss.protocols.protobufs.zep_pb2 import EventSummaryfrom Products.ZenEvents.events2.proxy import EventSummaryProxy # function to delete devicedef delDevice(host):  zep = getFacade('zep')  zep_host_filter = zep.createEventFilter(element_identifier=host)  zep.closeEventSummaries(eventFilter=zep_host_filter)  dev = dmd.Devices.findDeviceByIdExact(host)  if dev:    dev.deleteDevice()  commit() # read list of devices from a file and delete them if they existf = open('devicelist.txt')lines = f.read().splitlines()for l in lines:  d = None  d = dmd.Devices.findDevice(l)  if d:    print 'Deleting: %s (%s)' % (d.getDeviceName(), d.getManageIp())    delDevice(l)  else:    print 'Device %s does not exist.' % (l)f.close()