ZenDMD Tip - Create Users in a Jiffy

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On the master, `su zenoss` then `zendmd`

Massage usersToAdd to reflect the usernames to add, the emailDomain to reflect the second half of the users email addresses and the defaultRoles to reflect the roles the users should have.

usersToAdd = ['testUserA', 'testUserB', 'testUserC'] emailDomain = 'rackspace.com' defaultRoles = ['ZenUser', 'ZenRestrictedManager']

roleManager = dmd.acl_users.roleManager

for user in usersToAdd:

   un = str(user)
   ue = '%s@%s' % (str(un), str(emailDomain))
   print 'Adding user %s, email %s' % (str(un), str(ue))
   userOb = dmd.ZenUsers.manage_addUser(un, ue)
   for role in defaultRoles:
       print 'Adding %s role from %s' % (str(role), str(userOb.id))
       roleManager.assignRoleToPrincipal(str(role), str(userOb.id))

Once you're sure you've done what you expect, commit()

Best, --Shane (Hackman238)