ZenDMD Tip - Recreate Device Rels

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Lets say d is your device object and you set its location relationship using the syntax d.location = '/NY'

In the process you've destroyed the location relationship and replaced it with a string! Functions like d.setLocation('/') won't work on this object type.

d.location.__class__ will show it's a string.

To delete the string, del d.location

d.location.__class__ will show result in an error since d.location doesnt exist.

Let's recreate the device relationships using it's schema by:

if not getattr(d, "_relations", False): return relnames = d.getRelationshipNames() for name, schema in d._relations: try: d._setObject(name, schema.createRelation(name)) except: pass

d.location.__class__ will show it's a relationship and now d.setLocation('/') will work.

This will work for any relationship on a device object.

Best, --Shane