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|License=GNU General Public License, Version 2, or later
|License=GNU General Public License, Version 2, or later
|ZenPack name=ZenPacks.Community.HuaweiWireless
|ZenPack name=ZenPacks.community.HuaweiWireless
|Source URI=https://github.com/nickmuir/ZenPacks.community.HuaweiWireless.git
|Source URI=https://github.com/nickmuir/ZenPacks.community.HuaweiWireless.git

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Nick Muir
GNU General Public License, Version 2, or later
ZenPack name
More Information
GitHub page/HomePage
Git sources (for cloning)

Devices Monitored:

Huawei Wireless ZenPack

Monitors Huawei Enterprise Wireless Controllers and their Access Points


The ZenPack Catalog has moved to its new home at https://www.zenoss.com/product/zenpacks as of January 17, 2017. The following information may be out of date, and this page will eventually be removed.


This ZenPack is developed by the Zenoss user community and supported via our online forums. Zenoss, Inc. does not provide direct support for this ZenPack.


Version 1.3.0-beta- Download
Summary of changes:
  • Added hyperlink to management interface
  • Added controller models into manufactuer
  • Add Max AP number onto device details

  • Released on 2015/11/06
    Compatible with Zenoss Core 4.2.x


    This ZenPack provides support for monitoring Huawei Enterprise Wireless Controllers. Monitoring is performed via SNMP.



    The features added by this ZenPack be summarized as follows. They are each detailed further below.

    • Discovery of Access Points and AP Regions
    • Performance monitoring of Controller and Access Points


    The following components will be automatically discovered through via the Wireless Controller.

    Access Points
    Attributes: Name, Model, IP Address, MAC Address, AP Status, AP Region, Firmware Version, Serial Number, AP Neighbour (Collected via LLDP), AP Neighbour port (Collected via LLDP)
    AP Regions
    Attributes: Name, Deployment Type, Number of Access Points

    Performance Monitoring

    The following metrics will be collected every 5 minutes by default.

    Wireless Controller
    Access Points

    Installed Items

    Installing this ZenPack will add the following items to your Zenoss system.

    Device Classes
    • /Network/Wireless/Access Controller/Huawei

    Modeler Plugins
    • HuaweiAccessPointMap
    • HuaweiAPRegionMap

    Monitoring Templates
    • HuaweiAccessPoint
    • HuaweiAPRegion


    Normal Installation (packaged egg)

    1. Download the appropriate egg file for the version of Zenoss you are running.
    2. Ensure you are logged in as the zenoss user:
      $ sudo su - zenoss
    3. Install the ZenPack:
      $ zenpack --install ZenPacks.community.HuaweiWireless-*.egg
    4. Restart these services:
      $ zenoss restart

    Developer Mode Installation

    In order to do a development mode installation you will want to clone the existing git repository, and then use the --link flag with the zenpack command:

    1. Ensure you are logged in as the zenoss user:
      $ sudo su - zenoss
    2. Start by cloning the upstream repository:
      $ git clone https://github.com/nickmuir/ZenPacks.community.HuaweiWireless.git
    3. Next, perform the installation:
      $ zenpack --link --install ZenPacks.community.HuaweiWireless
    4. Finally, restart these serivices:
      $ zenoss restart


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