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A ZenPack is a plug-in or extension to Zenoss. Typically, ZenPacks add the ability to monitor new types of devices, but can also be used to add new capabilities to the software itself, add new reports, etc. The extensibility available via ZenPacks is a critical part of Zenoss, as datacenters have lots of different types of hardware and software (such as cloud services) that need to be monitored, and ZenPacks allow you to monitor everything!

There are hundreds of ZenPacks available, some developed, supported, and maintained by Zenoss, and many others that are developed and maintained by the Zenoss user community. You are probably looking for one these three kinds of ZenPacks:

Free Zenoss ZenPacks
These are ZenPacks developed by Zenoss, Inc. which are open source and freely available. This is the place to look for official ZenPacks if you're a Zenoss Core user.
All Zenoss ZenPacks
These are all of the ZenPacks developed and supported by Zenoss, Inc. This is the place to look for official ZenPacks if you're a Zenoss Commercial customer. Some of the ZenPacks listed here are only available with a Zenoss subscription.
Community ZenPacks
These are Open Source ZenPacks that have been developed by our user community, and can be downloaded and installed for free. These ZenPacks are built using an auto-build system which makes .egg files available to you for download. Unless otherwise noted, a ZenPack in this catalog is a community ZenPack.
All ZenPacks
This is the complete list of published ZenPacks.

Other Views

Here are some other ways to look at available ZenPacks.

Publishing ZenPacks

Zenoss encourages contributions of new ZenPacks from the Zenoss user community. To add a new ZenPack to the catalog, first read Releasing your ZenPack. Then, use this form.