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About Zenup

Zenup is the new Zenoss patch manager. New patches are provided at intervals that fix bugs which don't require large internal fixes in Zenoss.

getting ZenUp

As the users listed below download the following files

  • Download and install as root:
  • Download as Zenoss:

Using ZenUp to read a patch

To see the list of fixes in an RPS, run the following

zenup info zenoss_core-4.2.3-SP153.zup

Using ZenUp to apply a patch

  • Install the ZenUp RPM
yum install zenup-XXX.rpm -y --nogpgcheck 
  • Switch to the Zenoss User
su - zenoss
  • Tell Zenup to manage Zenoss Patching
zenup init zenoss_core-XXX-pristine-XXX.tgz $ZENHOME
  • Confirm that Zenoss is managed by ZenUp
zenup status
  • Examine differences between Zenoss Folder and a pristine installation (should always be 0 files)
zenup diff
  • test run of the patch
zenup install zenoss_core-XXX.zup --dry-run 
  • install the patch
zenup install zenoss_core-XXX.zup 
  • will show you're on the new RPS and will list all the fixes
zenup status --verbose 
  • should show 0 files modified since the patch.
zenup diff