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About Zenoss Masters

Zenoss Masters are crucial longstanding members of the ZenossCommunity. They contribute to the success of Zenoss Core and the Zenoss opensource ecosystem by authoring ZenPacks and other code and activelyparticipating on the Community Forums and IRC. Additionally, Zenoss Mastersfrequently serve as lieutenants to the Community Manager and as Forum or IRCchannel operators.

Zenoss Masters are chosen by the Zenoss Community Manager withsignificant input from the Zenoss Community, and especially based on input fromexisting Zenoss Masters. Qualifications to become a Zenoss Master includeauthoring ZenPacks or other code for the Community and actively participatingon the Forums and on IRC.

Semantic List of Current Zenoss Masters

Andrea.consadori, Bigegor, Drich, Hackman238, Jcurry, Jmp242, Trelane hydruid rryan matte - at zenoss eric edgar - former zenoss kells kearney - former zenoss